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Complete Tech Support has been your local tech support service for over a decade with prominent presence in seven states across the USA. Probably the only organization in the technical support industry that takes pride in being 100% US based with all its operations onshore.

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With Complete Tech Support, you can do things that were never possible before. It shortens the time of contact with a certified tech to less than 02 minutes, delivering all kinds of essential support more quickly and simply.

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Dealing with Cyber Attacks and Web Security has never been so easy!

Even though most of us can handle basic tasks with on-line directions, it’s easier to use and adapt the seamless remote tech option to avoid cyber security protocol complications.

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Securing your data since 2007.

Complete Tech has beautifully designed it's work flow and security protocols souch that we’ve made sure your personal information is not compromised (across all devices). Go way beyond what you’ve experience in the technical assistance arena before and experience truly remarkable service versatility.

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Malware, or malicious software, is any program or file that is harmful to a computer user. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware. These malicious programs can perform a variety of functions, including stealing, encrypting or deleting sensitive data, altering or hijacking core computing functions and monitoring users' computer activity without their permission.
An Anti Malware Treatment @ Complete Tech Support is the answer to all your Malware infections.


Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. It occurs when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message. There is no way of ceasing these attacks, therefore the technicians @ Complete Tech Support go the extra mile by training every client on how to spot a phishing attempt and the first protocol is to initiate contact with your dedicated technician.

Data Los Prevention

As you may know, this era has got your data moving; whether its on a flash drive USB or the cloud, the email or web portals, its more than ever. During data migration there is always a risk of your data being lost or stolen. Our System is designed to detect potential data breaches/data ex-filtration transmission and prevent them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data. Complete Tech Support will be your trusted partner throughout your data migration processes and will utilize necessary software in order to achieve the best results.


In computer security, shoulder surfing refers to using direct observation techniques, such as looking over someone's shoulder, to get information. It is commonly used to obtain passwords, PINs, security codes, and similar data. There are only a few way to detect an active shoulder surfer/s presence and CTS has the right tools to identify and quarantine the same. Once the connections have been permanently deleted, we then install softwares for future prevention.


A typical tech service or an anti malware treatment lasts 2-3 hours and the tasks protocol flowcharts consist ateast 15 primary procedures that branch out to several sub tasks. Therefore we believe in providing a detailed Tech Report that is simplified for ever user level and does not contain tech jargon. The intensive documentation provided by CTS guides you through the process step by step with a detail-oriented report, thus broadening your tech horizons.


No matter what issue you are facing, we want to help you. With a supreme group of supporters, we deliver a fast & dedicated customer support. The beauty of our customer service program is that one account manager has a maximum of 50 clients/month which averages out to 2 assignments/day. The highlight, your account manager does not change until he is a part of the organization no matter what position he/she has grown to.


You don't need to employ mysterious, ninja, black hat tech types from overseas that claim to optimize your system with the help of free softwares. "In computer science, program optimization or software optimization is the process of modifying a software system to make some aspect of it work more efficiently or use fewer resources." CTS values the work that it undertakes! Even though the process of optimizing a system may not require highly skilled labor our tech department deploys the finest techs for this job and ensures you see results right away. We guarantee that your system will operate at optimum levels. Top Quality technicians delivering excellence!


One of your biggest modern day worries while browsing the web is browser vulnerability and it being hacked. Exploits are very often used as an entry key to the victims computer thus exploit protection is really important part of our security protocols. A major part of our exploit protection approach is counter implementation of softwares that have capabilities to sensor/monitor suspicious actions and generic exploit detection. All our clients receive monthly/quarterly updates loaded with anti hacking protocols, the same measures are implemented on every system @ CTS Labs which takes care of most known vulnerabilities.

Penetration & Vulnerabilities Testing

CTS implements Penetration Testing protocols unknown to majority of the tech world; the eight layer network vulnerability assessment evaluates all your systems as they are seen remotely from the Internet on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. From there, potential security vulnerabilities and changes in the network that could be exploited by attackers/silent hackers are revealed before they are taken advantage of. Penetration testing allows us to identify vulnerabilities in your network at every protection layer and end point. Once detected necessary patches are deployed and protection softwares reloaded, giving way to unrivaled infrastructures.

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